strawberry cake in pan with slices removed

Welcome to my kitchen – a bridge between two beloved culinary worlds. Here, I share with you the cherished recipes of my Irish upbringing alongside the delightful American discoveries that have sweetened my journey. This collection is a heartfelt blend of nostalgia and new-found loves, from the hearty, comforting dishes of Ireland to the whimsical joys of American baking. Think of traditional Irish stews that warm the soul, and the irresistible charm of American cookies and cupcakes. But it doesn’t end there – you’ll also find wholesome American breakfasts and refreshing drinks, each recipe carrying a piece of my story from Ireland to the U.S. So whether you’re longing for a taste of home or eager to explore new flavors, join me in celebrating the simple, joyous art of home cooking and baking, one recipe at a time.

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Fresh Fruit Cake

Indulge in Berry Bliss with our irresistible Fresh Fruit Cake Recipe! Click now for a mouthwatering fruity delight!