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chocolate chip cookies


pineapple pie

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Ice Cream

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Meet Jenna

Hiya! I’m Jenna, an Irish native passionate about the flavors of my homeland and the culinary discoveries I’ve made since moving to the US. Growing up in Ireland, I was immersed in a culture where food is a heartwarming way to connect and create memories.

In this blog, I blend cherished Irish recipes with the exciting tastes I’ve encountered in America. From traditional dishes like rich stews and Irish soda bread to new favorites I’ve baked and cooked in my American kitchen, each recipe is a celebration of my journey.

Join me as I share not just recipes, but also stories, cooking tips, and a slice of life from an Irish expat embracing the diverse culinary landscape of the US. Whether you’re craving a taste of Ireland or looking for some international inspiration, let’s enjoy this delicious adventure together!

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